The beauty of raindrops on glass.

Whether  its captured from the window of a house, car, bus or train.

There is something beautiful about it.

~  *  ~

This shot was captured from the car in an Indian suburb.

From my train in Switzerland.

 Photos below were captured from our bus in the historic city of Bath (UK).

The day you literally spoke about the weather as the British do!!

Read more about the famous Roman Baths in an earlier post here.

Moral of the Story

Always check the weather before travelling.

15 thoughts on “Raindrops

  1. Lovely rain photos!
    From what I remember about living in England, if I had stayed home every time it rained, I wouldn’t have seen very much! (Here in Canada, we say the same thing about snow…)

  2. Oh yes! You right… always check the weather… and always take with you a fold-up-umbrella 🙂 which take place in a even in a little handbag…
    Anyway I love rain and the special mood she get into your soul (I do specially remember the rain click-plic-click on the top of our montain chalet when I was a child 😉 I could write a story about it!
    Have a lovely day :-)claudine

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