A Beautiful Tradition

Heard about a beautiful tradition practiced by many tharavaads (traditional homes) in the Kerala of a bygone era. The elderly lady of the house would ensure after dinner each night, that one of the younger women go near the gate & look around for anybody who may be in need of a meal.

She would then loudly call out in Malayalam : “Athazha pattinikar indo?” (“Are there any hungry people out there?”)

She would say this once or twice & in case there was someone hungry, they would be given food.

The family which practiced this would be known in the area so there would also be the regulars waiting for a meal.

It was only after this, that the gates would be closed for the night.

What a lovely tradition.

Catty Habits

Having become a zealous convert to the feline of the species a few years ago, I’ve noted the most annoying habits of cats:
1. Mew head off for human to come to them & when human does, haughtily walk away in opposite direction
2. Come forward only for food. Walk backwards when human tries to get all friendly!
3. Like the eel, slip out of humans grasp as they attempt to catch them
4. Mew head off when disillusioned human goes away…

Annoying habits & yes, cats rule over their human slaves.