How old are you?

For¬†strange reasons, some people obsess over age – especially other people’s. Few camouflage the question others are more direct. So when I was asked this question, I was impressed¬†by my spontaneous response –

Lady Рso, how old are you?

Me – I’m on the other side of 30…don’t ask how far the other side.

Chapter closed beautifully.

Since then I have modified it to “I’m on the other side of 20…don’t ask how far the other side” because after all 30, 40, 50 & beyond are all the other side of 20.

Many friends have benefited from the above¬†& said they would use it. Given those obsessed¬†with knowing how old someone is seem to be¬†the majority ūüôā

An unrelated experiment – I discovered that you can’t use a smiley without smiling. Observe yourself when you write or¬†respond to comments. You will find that you are smiling¬†when using a smiley! And if you try frowning when using a smiley…you will notice it won’t work.

What does your Family think about your Blog?

Samples of¬†conversations with family members after I started blogging. I will not delve ¬†into¬†those instances when I had to get them¬† to view¬†my Blog at my insistence¬†or at least read a¬† post completely (as in c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e-l-y, as in ensuring I don’t get¬†the i-get-the-drift-but-too-much-to-read reaction).

As early entrant

Me –¬†Guess what, I got 200 views on my Blog so far, isn’t that cool?

Brother – You only must have clicked it so many times.

Me РHahaha (albeit dryly as enthusiasm wanes)

As progressive blogger

I discover my Mother has become hooked onto visiting a Blog regularly. Just that it’s not mine.

Me¬†– It’s unfair. You only read Amitabh¬†Bachchan’s Blog all the time – not mine.

Mother – I also read yours (albeit guiltily)

*     *      *     *     *     *   

Which makes me conclude that everyone can write about¬†how to drive traffic to your Blog …¬†but I’ll have you know¬†that driving¬†your own family to visit your Blog is pretty damn hard.

*     *      *     *     *     *  

Jesus said ‚ÄúA prophet is not without honor except in his own country, among his own relatives, and in his own house.‚ÄĚ

I agreed & said – Amen.

Blogging on the Bloggers of Blogdom

As with all things new, we stumble into something without much preparation & along the way discover facets never imagined, experiences we did not know would greet us…both positive & negative.

So welcome to the blogging world which is no different.¬† You started blogging because you thought you had something of value to contribute…a passion, a¬†hobby or whatever.

And then you gradually get to experience the blogosphere effect.

And you start reeling under it.

In the process you might just about forget why you started blogging in the first place.

You thought blogging was a creative channel¬†or¬†a¬†¬†break from the regular everyday world huh? But guess what…beneath the surface of all things wise & virtual,¬†the psychology at work is still the same…appreciation,¬†ego,¬† sensitivity (or the lack thereof),¬†building bridges & a bit of …taking offence¬†¬†


These are the unwritten laws or code of conduct in Blogdom. Call it what you will but ¬†the fact of the matter is –

~ To each their  own Рwhat it means here though is to each blogger, their  OWN blog is of supreme importance 

~ Playground behaviour is displayed at its best on this playing field

These are the expectations, adhere or perish –

—> I visited¬†your blog, now you must visit my blog.

—> If you don’t come to my blog, ¬†I won’t come to your blog.

—> I clicked¬† ‘like’ on your posts, you should click¬† ‘like’ on¬†my posts.

—> I commented on your posts, you better reply to my comments. And when done, you better¬†comment on my posts.

¬†—>I followed your blog. You should follow mine.¬†

 Or else what? 

—> I’ll stop liking your posts.

—>¬†I’ll stop reading your posts.

—> I’ll stop following your blog.


“Be cast into outer darkness…

There shall be weeping & gnashing of teeth.” ~ Jesus


Life was¬†easier without blogging ūüôā

Are you a Souveniristic Tourist? Take the test to find out.


Take this quick test to assess just how much of a  souvenir freak you are & if there is any hope left to become normal.

1. Do you collect  magnets of every hill & dale you visit in each country? Yes/No  

 2. Do you collect souvenir spoons as a keepsake of countries you visit?  Yes/No

¬†3. Do you buy postcards to send friends & family but…like it way too much & keep it for yourself ?¬†¬†Yes/No

 4. Do you collect foreign coins & postage stamps from every place &  have a neat pile up you know not where to  keep?  Yes/No

¬†5. Do you bring back a slice of sunshine via a photograph, or a bottle of¬† sand,¬†or collect shells & pebbles that have that amazzzzing shade you won’t find elsewhere?¬†¬†Yes/No

 6. Have other people seen your ailment & started bringing back magnets & spoons as gifts for you from their travels?  Yes/No

7. As you flip through books do you discover old tram, train, subway, concert tickets from Godknowswhere that serve as bookmarks? Yes/No

8. Do you preserve museum flyers, local maps as a token of sentiment? Yes/No  

9. Do you have a pile up of mementos of every shape, colour & imagination? Yes/No         


10. Do you write blog posts about souvenirs? Yes/No                                                       




Upto 3 Yes¬† –¬† You are a happily balanced tourist
Upto 6 Yes¬† –¬† You are a tourist tugging away from the rope of normalcy that is trying to detain you
Upto¬†8 Yes¬† –¬† You are a tourist who has broken free from the rope. In¬† other words you are on the border of souveniritis
All 10 Yes¬†¬†¬† –¬† You are a tourist with a case of extreme souveniritis-outta-balancia.¬†Get well soon!