Can neutered cats remain aggressive ?

Our two male Cats (1.5 years+), though brothers, have been engaging in some nasty fights that come with the full package of blood curdling screams, clawing & biting each other.

They both have plenty of scars to tell their tales. Territorial fellas, they each work extra hard to keep the other out of their paths.

So with this problem at hand we started looking at the best way to resolve it. Keeping one in the cage by day shift & another in the night shift was no solution – it was also too much of a hassle to constantly change & monitor them.

The one answer which was given to us by relatives, friends, pet store owner & the Vet was – neuter them! Guaranteed to make them docile darlings they all echoed.

So we decided we would go ahead & get them neutered.

The Vet said it would take 5-6 months for the change to take effect.

The pet store owner said it would be an instant change.

We had to wait & see what it would be.

We happily imagined the two docile cats would now be able to at least tolerate each other even if not be the best of friends.

The surgery happened & after their post operative care of about 1 week, they were released into each others company.

Now for the ‘transformation’. The opposite was true –

1. Neutering them has not *yet* changed their temperament – their fights are worse than pre-neutering

2. One has become a nervous wreck after being neutered & is either cowering in fear or hissing/ attacking the other. He even occasionally jumps at us without provocation – behavior that was never evident pre-neutering

Now we are thinking of giving them chamomile tea to calm down & help adjust their moods.

The only positive is that the strong tom cat smell that was almost impossible to eradicate, has since disappeared. And that is huge consolation.

Take time to smell the branches –


Or just meditate…


Sibling Revelry

Tiger with his sister Pepper.

A dramatic tale in sepia.

~  *  ~

It is confirmed.

All forms of human entertainment – drama, theatre, cinema can trace their origin to cats.

Cats have played a phenomenal role in helping develop the acting skills of human beings.

You can see where actors & actresses got their perfect expressions from.

The art of emoting.

Be it that special look in the eyes or that just-so-right tilt of the head.

Those swooning scenes where the actor passes out & people rush to get the smelling salts, were learnt from these.

Pepper demonstrating a swoon.

How to show affection & yet maintain a cool distance by looking the other way.

Ever wondered why Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical was called Cats?

~  *  ~

From Gus: The Theatre Cat by TS Eliot –

“I have played,” so he says, “every possible part,
And I used to know seventy speeches by heart.
I’d extemporize back-chat, I knew how to gag,
And I knew how to let the cat out of the bag.
I knew how to act with my back and my tail;
With an hour of rehearsal, I never could fail.
I’d a voice that would soften the hardest of hearts,
Whether I took the lead, or in character parts…”

~  *  ~



In the absence of a weekend getaway, a carpet is a good alternative.

So glad I didn’t step over the carpet.

Mia owns some possessions.

Among them, a few cushions, toys & this carpet.

The carpet had seen better days.

Thanks to Mia & her kittens it is what it is now.

In this cave the hermit finds solace.

Until her human toys as usual, disturb.

Apparently there’s no escaping the maddening crowd.

Kittens or People.


~  *  ~

Cats may be cute, but mind their claws

Our kitten Tiger (featured in the picture) recently escaped. On a Saturday & at night.

During the search operation, he was found nervously hanging around the neighbours turf.

On discovering him there, I  rushed in to get him without thinking of consequences.

Outside were the four stray dogs, arch rivals to these fuzz balls.

I was unprepared for what was to follow.

While Tiger, recognised me, he was overpowered by fear in an alien location. So there a major difference between cats & dogs I discovered! He wasn’t able to perceive that I was there to save him.

I acted on impulse without any thoughts of potential danger to myself.  I managed to catch Tiger for the first time but he furiously fought me off & escaped.

With luck, I managed to catch him the second time & ensured a tighter grip. He again furiously fought me off. In the process I was awarded a nasty scratch & ended up with a 2 inch  gash on my wrist. It was God’s Grace that it wasn’t worse.

Another person was called in to help who finally managed to catch the elusive fellow & bring him home safe.

I enquired with a feline expert later who told me that the kittens behaviour was out of fear &  shared the  right way to catch it.

I share this simply because each of us act on the spur of the moment in an emergency.  I wish I knew then what I know now.

So for all who are new to cats & their mysterious ways, please be aware of the following –

1. Unlike dogs, cats react out of fear even if they recognise you.

2. Fear makes cats lash out even if the noble  intention is to save the creature.

3. Never plunge in to save a cat bare handed.

4. When going to rescue a cat, ensure you carry a thick towel to throw over it & only then proceed to pick it up.

I had to learn this the hard way. I discovered the right way after the incident.

Cats are entertaining creatures, but it sure helps to know how to save them as they put their proverbial nine lives to the test.

Cat Tales

“Cats were put into the world to disprove the dogma that all things were created to serve man.”
Paul Gray

If any animal can throw attitude & get you to stay humble, it has to be cats.

On second thoughts…do cats even consider themselves animals?

I doubt.

Their calling in life is far superior.

I have also come to realise something else.

With cats & kittens in your life there is not much need to go to the movies for entertainment.

Or to the theatre for that matter.

Better still it’s free.

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of dogs & #cats

a complete dog-person I considered myself to be…having always loved dogs.

for reasons unknown to me, I disliked cats.

i used to find them spooky & associated them with all things dark & eerie.

it was only on getting a cat & her litter which subsequently followed that I discovered cats are super fun.

while they never are & never can be in any way close to dogs in terms of giving affection..they are great pets.


i spent most of my life with a false perception of cats.

and for which reason I stayed away from the feline of the species.

a year later with a cat & 4 kittens I have been proved wrong.


i realise the value of having an open mind.

you never know which spark of mischief can add sparkle to your life.