Onam in Kerala

H  a  p  p  y  ~  O  n  a  m

Last week it was great celebrating Onam  in Kerala.

It was a first time for me as a native of the state, to be here during the festival!

T’was also the reason I was missing in action in blogosphere.

Here is the traditional Pookalam or floral arrangement we all joined in to make.

Created with a  blend of various colourful flowers.

A ton of patience is needed for anyone partaking in this festive activity 🙂

Additions by enthusiastic family members –

Here is the Pookalam I spotted in front of a village tea stall –

Tug-of-war games seemed to abound in the village during the day of the festival.

Village kids seated atop a wall try & get the best view of the game.

Few are curious at the new faces passing by –

The post-box is still very much in use –

The green, green grass of home.

Balm to the eyes these paddy fields were –

As far as the eye can see, with hardly a soul in sight –

The green sea –

Bougainvillea = Vibrant

Came by an amazing mix of Bougainvillea in varied hues recently – what a vibrant burst of colour…