Rheingau, Germany

Rheingau, Germany- hill country in the region of the River Rhine, one of the longest rivers in Europe.

We got a great opportunity to go on a drive along this river.  Enjoyed the terrific views of charming houses on the hillside, castles &…sparrows.

Through my lens – Shanghai

There is an undeniable  energy about Shanghai, the largest city in China & a most busy port. This  bustling city with the River Huangpu flowing through it &  the daunting skyscrapers, makes for a memorable visit. 

The cruise on the River Huangpu is a must-do for any one visiting this impressive city & to experience its unique flavour. The cruise will take you through the heart of  this industrial region, with shipyards & massive buildings on either side. 

Also striking are the many sailing barges which serve as billboards or hoardings.  A great way for advertisers to gain mileage from locals & visitors alike.

Lastly, get adventurous & try the  local cuisine,  you will love it.

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