My Land – Kerala

Busy, crowded cities on the one hand ; villages,  verdant coconut trees, lush paddy fields, beautiful backwaters on the other.  This is Kerala in a nutshell for you. 

A variety of experiences beckon travellers here –  be it getting close to nature, staying on a Houseboat or just going for a leisurely cruise in the backwaters; a taste of authentic Ayurveda or indulging in the local cultural  fare.  

While here, be sure to try appam, stew & fried fish with fresh toddy, the local brew!

Last but not the least…respect our bountiful reserve of Coconut Oil. It’s mighty precious to us. As I referred in an earlier post (‘Why Smile?), it’s the reason for our shining souls. You get the drift 🙂

This is my land. Proud to be a Malayalee, so mind it I say!

Photos captured  from different parts of  Kerala – Palakkad,  Thrissur & Kumarakom

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