Not another candle, please

I love gifts & I am grateful for all thoughtful friends & relatives who over the years have sent some wonderful stuff my way.

Including candles. In plentiful supply.

Having reviewed my current stock of candles I thought I must write a post on it.

To save more candles the excruciating journey of making it to me only to never see the light of day flame.

I have been gifted candles of every type & dimension, from different countries.

Aromatic, scented, exotic, beeswax & plain.

If I were to count all the candles I have been gifted thus far …well, I could write a book, with a chapter dedicated to each unique character candle. Or better still, start a store.

I alluded to this candle-gift syndrome in an earlier post Namaste India – please read for some enlightenment.

Until then, think twice before you gift someone a candle…unless of course you wish to help them start that store.