Seoul Matters

Seoul, South Korea  some years ago.  During my trip to Seoul, I visited Deoksugung Palace, also know as Deoksu Palace, with a history dating back to the  1400’s.

Key photographs below include Deoksu Palace, statue of King Sejong, the Heungcheonsa Bell & Water Clock. While I am no historian, there is a ton of history on the Palace available on the web.

Walking around town, I spotted a man, a real  friend of sparrows –  was amazed watching those birds eat from his hand.. see below.

Photographs apart & strictly for the stout-hearted only, I would recommend  Sam Gae Tang, a form of soup which  consists of a whole young chicken stuffed with rice, ginseng & other herbs…I know not what. It is an experience!

I was also able to attend a great service at the Yoido Full Gospel Church founded by Pastor David Yonggi Cho – it is the world’s largest congregation.

Korea has an efficient subway system to get you across the city – make sure you don’t lose your English-Korean map though! 🙂


Statue of King Sejong the Great

Notice the high rise buildings in the background

The Heungcheonsa Bell 

Borugak Jagyeongnu , the Water Clock

Multiple Rocket Launcher

Friend of Sparrows

Calligrapher at work

Yoido Full Gospel Church

Through my lens – Shanghai

There is an undeniable  energy about Shanghai, the largest city in China & a most busy port. This  bustling city with the River Huangpu flowing through it &  the daunting skyscrapers, makes for a memorable visit. 

The cruise on the River Huangpu is a must-do for any one visiting this impressive city & to experience its unique flavour. The cruise will take you through the heart of  this industrial region, with shipyards & massive buildings on either side. 

Also striking are the many sailing barges which serve as billboards or hoardings.  A great way for advertisers to gain mileage from locals & visitors alike.

Lastly, get adventurous & try the  local cuisine,  you will love it.

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