The beauty of raindrops on glass.

Whether  its captured from the window of a house, car, bus or train.

There is something beautiful about it.

~  *  ~

This shot was captured from the car in an Indian suburb.

From my train in Switzerland.

 Photos below were captured from our bus in the historic city of Bath (UK).

The day you literally spoke about the weather as the British do!!

Read more about the famous Roman Baths in an earlier post here.

Moral of the Story

Always check the weather before travelling.

Sunrise in Frankfurt

Circa 2008.

Shots of a sunrise across the Frankfurt horizon.

‘Twas a goodly morning.

Rather early though.




Banana Paradise

So while in Kerala recently during the Onam festival, it was a visual delight to see the abundance of bananas on display everywhere I looked.

Shops were decorated for the festival.

Bananas outside. Banana chips inside.

Bananas everywhere.

Here a chip, there a chip, everywhere a chip, chip (just had to add this line owing to its lyrical quality)

Is it any wonder we Malayalees have mastered the art of making banana chips & it is such a massive industry in Kerala?

Photos below were of just one shop.

Onam in Kerala

H  a  p  p  y  ~  O  n  a  m

Last week it was great celebrating Onam  in Kerala.

It was a first time for me as a native of the state, to be here during the festival!

T’was also the reason I was missing in action in blogosphere.

Here is the traditional Pookalam or floral arrangement we all joined in to make.

Created with a  blend of various colourful flowers.

A ton of patience is needed for anyone partaking in this festive activity 🙂

Additions by enthusiastic family members –

Here is the Pookalam I spotted in front of a village tea stall –

Tug-of-war games seemed to abound in the village during the day of the festival.

Village kids seated atop a wall try & get the best view of the game.

Few are curious at the new faces passing by –

The post-box is still very much in use –

The green, green grass of home.

Balm to the eyes these paddy fields were –

As far as the eye can see, with hardly a soul in sight –

The green sea –