A Beautiful Tradition

Heard about a beautiful tradition practiced by many tharavaads (traditional homes) in the Kerala of a bygone era. The elderly lady of the house would ensure after dinner each night, that one of the younger women go near the gate & look around for anybody who may be in need of a meal.

She would then loudly call out in Malayalam : “Athazha pattinikar indo?” (“Are there any hungry people out there?”)

She would say this once or twice & in case there was someone hungry, they would be given food.

The family which practiced this would be known in the area so there would also be the regulars waiting for a meal.

It was only after this, that the gates would be closed for the night.

What a lovely tradition.


Stop this plague called rape

I’m greatly distressed just as several other right thinking citizens across this country are, as I read & hear of the growing incidents of children being raped & sexually molested across India.

I hope & pray this deadly plague of rape which destroys millions of children around the world will come to an end.

I hope the people who indulge in this perversion understand how utterly wrong, debased & filthy it is. Raping children is nothing short of demonic and is a terrible abomination.

I hope these people understand  the implications of their barbaric acts on the innocents who are traumatized & scarred for life – physically, mentally & emotionally.

I hope & pray this plague will end. Soon.

Wrote the poem below after recently hearing about another innocent child who was raped & her happy life forever altered…

 For no fault of mine

Loved & happy
Free as a butterfly
That’s who I am.


I am a little girl
My family loves me
That’s my greatest strength.


I go to school to learn & play
It’s a new world out there
That’s what I love to do.


I made many friends
We laugh and we play
That’s how I grow.


The teacher uncle I trusted
Tells me he cares
He holds me & does things
That’s when I know its wrong.


He rapes me.
A word I didn’t even know
And my happy childhood he brings to an end.


A butterfly I was
That was then
Now I lie sad & wounded on the ground.

It’s not over until I win

Someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality! – words uttered to Les Brown by a teacher & these words changed his life.

A must watch video!

It is a reminder that greatness is often born on the bed of adversity, trials come in to sharpen us & make us stronger & winning is an attitude.

Let the naysayers keep at what they do best BUT don’t let that affect YOU!

Just go ahead & work on making your dreams come true!