Remembering Gypsy

Gypsy was our beautiful Cocker Spaniel.

Amazingly spirited as spaniels are known to be.

She was a treasure sent from heaven above.

She died on this day, 6 years ago.

Snatched away too early.

Due to the carelessness of the vet.

~  *  ~

You think those dogs will not be in heaven! I tell you they will be there long before any of us.

~  Robert Louis Stevenson ~

~  *  ~


27 thoughts on “Remembering Gypsy

  1. She is beautiful ! I’m sorry she is gone but I’m sure she is running , playing , enjoying to play with butterflies in a beautiful ,beautiful garden in heaven❤🐶

  2. Beautiful dog and her name fits her so well.. Our animals enrich us in so many wonderful ways as gypsy enriched yours and those around her!!

    • Thanks for your kind words Naomi, she was simply adorable & enriched our lives. I have always been a dog person & only a year into cats – its the reason I keep observing the differences between cats & dogs now that we have 5 cats! 🙂

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