Cats may be cute, but mind their claws

Our kitten Tiger (featured in the picture) recently escaped. On a Saturday & at night.

During the search operation, he was found nervously hanging around the neighbours turf.

On discovering him there, I  rushed in to get him without thinking of consequences.

Outside were the four stray dogs, arch rivals to these fuzz balls.

I was unprepared for what was to follow.

While Tiger, recognised me, he was overpowered by fear in an alien location. So there a major difference between cats & dogs I discovered! He wasn’t able to perceive that I was there to save him.

I acted on impulse without any thoughts of potential danger to myself.  I managed to catch Tiger for the first time but he furiously fought me off & escaped.

With luck, I managed to catch him the second time & ensured a tighter grip. He again furiously fought me off. In the process I was awarded a nasty scratch & ended up with a 2 inch  gash on my wrist. It was God’s Grace that it wasn’t worse.

Another person was called in to help who finally managed to catch the elusive fellow & bring him home safe.

I enquired with a feline expert later who told me that the kittens behaviour was out of fear &  shared the  right way to catch it.

I share this simply because each of us act on the spur of the moment in an emergency.  I wish I knew then what I know now.

So for all who are new to cats & their mysterious ways, please be aware of the following –

1. Unlike dogs, cats react out of fear even if they recognise you.

2. Fear makes cats lash out even if the noble  intention is to save the creature.

3. Never plunge in to save a cat bare handed.

4. When going to rescue a cat, ensure you carry a thick towel to throw over it & only then proceed to pick it up.

I had to learn this the hard way. I discovered the right way after the incident.

Cats are entertaining creatures, but it sure helps to know how to save them as they put their proverbial nine lives to the test.

9 thoughts on “Cats may be cute, but mind their claws

  1. Yeah, definitely.

    I actually think it’s awesome they have such reactions. I mean, yes, it’s totally uncomfortable for a human, in case they have one, but this reaction saves those 9 lives for cats on very many occasions.

  2. Much truth in your post Kavi…….I love cats but they are finicky creatures and need to be handled on their terms. As a teen I had a tabby cat that used to sleep in my bed with me and one night I was lying down reading and out of the clear blue with no known aggravation to him on my part, he scratched me in my face and sliced my eyelid; I had had him as a pet for around five years at the time. It was the first and only time he acted in this manner but it certainly made me more wary in my interaction with him……finicky creatures but I still love them……:)

    • Hi Kim, that’s a scary incident!!! The finicky label suits these creatures & unpredictable behaviour without provocation as in your case I think reiterates that they are different & will do as they damn well please when they please!!

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