Don’t Judge a Recipe by its Picture

Halva is what all my fellow Indians will identify with.

For those with sweet molars the dish is  valued by its degree of sweetness & taste.

The celebration of sugar.

Health freaks please ignore.

~  *  ~

I recently came across a recipe & stunning picture of  Tomato Halva.

Its richness was alluring.

Got myself to make it as a part of my extremely  rare entries in the culinary zone.

It looked just as alluring as the photo.

Alas, how miserable it tasted.

~  *  ~

8 thoughts on “Don’t Judge a Recipe by its Picture

  1. “Tomato” halva?!!!
    Actually Halva is incredibly tasty and tahini [the basic ingredient] is supposed to be very very good for health. For people avoiding sugar, it can be made with honey too. Believe me it’s really nice… Maybe try another recipe?! [Unfortunately I don’t know one and I think it may be a difficult one too]

  2. Tomato Halva! First time to hear that😊
    I love halva and remind me my trip to Middle East and felling in love with tahini halva! 😍Unfortunately cannot find it around where I live😔

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