A Lovable Spinner of Yarns

For those who see it, it is but a plain gold ring with a red gem stone.

To me, it is a symbol & memory of a beautiful relationship with my favorite Uncle, Dad’s older brother.

*     *     *

My Uncle retired as a Brigadier from the Indian Army & returned to settle down in our city when we were kids. On account of health reasons, he eventually shifted over to stay with us. A confirmed bachelor, he was to become a great companion & trusted friend to us kids in the years ahead.

Army style discipline, humor & sarcasm were used in abundance to get his nephews & nieces to fall in line. He was a favorite among all us kids & cousins alike.

A stickler for punctuality nothing annoyed him more than one of us keeping him waiting way past the appointed time. My eldest brother had a few run-in’s with this Grandmaster of time, with his annoying habit of showing up late with amazing consistency.

*     *     *

Uncle regaled us with his dramatic ghost stories in which he personally encountered ghosts in the North Eastern parts of India during his days in the Army…which up to even a few years ago I had believed was absolutely true!

At the age of 12, I drafted my formal signature as he wished to start a joint bank account with me & needed my signature. Till date it has remained my official signature.

He had a way of making us feel special. I have been gifted purses & elegant jewel boxes on some birthdays, in velvet or sandalwood.

Several years later he gave me a New Testament he possessed. I treasure this immensely with his message to me.

*     *     *

He just knew how to get things done. If I showed reluctance to do a particular task out of sheer laziness, he would say “if I was married…had a wife & children they would do it for me.”

The guilt trip worked like magic. I would spring up & do the needful.

Master story teller, spinner of yarns, friend…he was all this & more to us.

*     *     *

My Uncle had a special gold ring. He would always tell me that he’d give it to me when I got married.

On September 1st 1995, my Uncle called me to his room & gave me his gold ring.

I later wondered why he was giving it to me so soon. As I was not married.

A few days later, on September 5th, 1995 my Uncle passed away after a massive heart attack.

*     *     *

The precious gold ring is one of my favourite things.

It is a beautiful memory of the Uncle I was so blessed to have had & the wish that he was still around.

September 5th this year makes it 17 years since he left us.

This is a tribute to my Uncle, he was truly the best.

*     *     *

This was written in response to the Daily Post Weekly Writing Challenge: A Few of  My Favorite Things


22 thoughts on “A Lovable Spinner of Yarns

  1. kavi,your selection of words,the emotion it carries takes one to those days n times when rajmama was with us.beautifully written dear

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  4. hey sista … you very nicely shared thoughts about rajmama which i guess we ‘d have trouble putting to words … i see you mentioned my issues with punctuality …he really had a hard time with us morons back then 🙂

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