Femina in 1960

A vintage copy of the Femina magazine from March 1960, which was found in our ancestral home.

I was fascinated to discover that Femina was launched in July 1959 , so this is the 8th edition of a magazine, now over half a century!

Femina is one of India’s most popular magazines, especially among women!


10 thoughts on “Femina in 1960

    • Likewise & in the 2nd pic, you can read about ‘checks being considered ‘old fashioned’ …how’s that for those reading it 50 years later!

  1. Wow ……..So good to see the models …. not in size zero….! We are so beautiful … with the pleasantly plump looook … 🙂

  2. Hi Kavi – I found your blog searching for old Femina pictures. Do you still have access to the issue you posted about? If so, I’d love to see some more images from the pages – perhaps to publish in a book! Thank you – Arti

      • Thank you Kavi! Much appreciated – fingers crossed you can!! I would love to see more images from the pages. Do let me know if you took any more or have any high res files from the ones you posted online.

      • sure will let you know – unfortunately I didn’t take any more pics other than these which aren’t high res either

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