Bobbed Hair, Bossy Wives & Women Preachers

I stumbled upon the title of this book & was intrigued.  Written by John Rice & published almost 70 years ago, it’s not a book to be easily found, in India at least. I asked my dear friend in the US to get me a copy when she came to India. She faithfully did. Also with utmost sincerity & alarm in her eyes she wanted to check if all was ok. With me. Reading books such as these. Extremist she thought. She wondered if I had tipped the balance & gone on to become a fundamentalist Christian. I laughed. And I laughed. And I laughed some more. She was relieved. I reassured her this was just curiosity to read something I came across. Relief spread all over her face.

This book is written by a pure old time, fire & brimstone preacher. He advocates that we follow the scriptures that show a woman her place. He uses scriptures in defence of the same to richly admonish women who wear their hair short, are bossy halves to their husbands &  preach.  Rotten sinners, we.

 I must confess that having been saved by Grace, I found the book to be way too strict, almost legalistic & suffocating.

 I gave up reading mid-way through…

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