The art of being still

We are a fidgety generation.

We don’t know what it means to be still.

Just being. Doing nothing.

And we have almost forgotten what it used to be like before.

Hands that could take a break.

I wonder how we managed before the computer & internet invaded our lives.

The mind had things to peacefully think about & not just do, do, do.


If I’m not pounding on the key board of my computer or surfing, I am on the phone.

If I am not on the phone, I’m texting a message.

If it’s not TV, it’s youtube.

Or a game on Facebook. Or blogging.

It just has to be something in place of something else.


I remembered this beautiful scripture –

“Be still & know that I am God”  [Psalm 46 :10]

God knew how all the distractions would claim our attention & absorb our mind.

Facing a storm today? Simple.

Google out a solution. Or call a friend. Or text someone somewhere.

Jesus  rebuked the wind & calmed the storm saying “Peace, be still” [Mark 4: 39]

What does this tell me?

The need to be still. To not run around here & there.

To quit the to-ing & fro-ing.

To stay anchored.

To let go of some of these things that have become second nature.

I have to still get my act together. Pun intended.

Be still…

9 thoughts on “The art of being still

  1. LOL! so true! Me? I just sat down with my cuppa after baking two cakes for a rest and what did I pick up, my mobile *eyes rolling up* 🙂

  2. That was an era where ” being still ” was not wasting time. Kavi .. you observe life so well … highlight all that we have taken for granted. Nice reading.

  3. So true. We need to recognize that we are human “beings” and not human “doings”. There is great power in taking time to practice stillness in the presence of God.

  4. I miss those moments where I used to day-dream in school during class. I really don’t know when was the last time I sat around doing nothing! Even if I’m still, I feel so weird and check out the ‘to do’ notes jotted on my phone to see what I could be doing right then! But this article really makes me long for still moments, so thanks Kavitha for the eye-opener! 🙂

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