How old are you?

For strange reasons, some people obsess over age – especially other people’s. Few camouflage the question others are more direct. So when I was asked this question, I was impressed by my spontaneous response –

Lady – so, how old are you?

Me – I’m on the other side of 30…don’t ask how far the other side.

Chapter closed beautifully.

Since then I have modified it to “I’m on the other side of 20…don’t ask how far the other side” because after all 30, 40, 50 & beyond are all the other side of 20.

Many friends have benefited from the above & said they would use it. Given those obsessed with knowing how old someone is seem to be the majority 🙂

An unrelated experiment – I discovered that you can’t use a smiley without smiling. Observe yourself when you write or respond to comments. You will find that you are smiling when using a smiley! And if you try frowning when using a smiley…you will notice it won’t work.

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