Are you a Souveniristic Tourist? Take the test to find out.


Take this quick test to assess just how much of a  souvenir freak you are & if there is any hope left to become normal.

1. Do you collect  magnets of every hill & dale you visit in each country? Yes/No  

 2. Do you collect souvenir spoons as a keepsake of countries you visit?  Yes/No

 3. Do you buy postcards to send friends & family but…like it way too much & keep it for yourself ?  Yes/No

 4. Do you collect foreign coins & postage stamps from every place &  have a neat pile up you know not where to  keep?  Yes/No

 5. Do you bring back a slice of sunshine via a photograph, or a bottle of  sand, or collect shells & pebbles that have that amazzzzing shade you won’t find elsewhere?  Yes/No

 6. Have other people seen your ailment & started bringing back magnets & spoons as gifts for you from their travels?  Yes/No

7. As you flip through books do you discover old tram, train, subway, concert tickets from Godknowswhere that serve as bookmarks? Yes/No

8. Do you preserve museum flyers, local maps as a token of sentiment? Yes/No  

9. Do you have a pile up of mementos of every shape, colour & imagination? Yes/No         


10. Do you write blog posts about souvenirs? Yes/No                                                       




Upto 3 Yes  –  You are a happily balanced tourist
Upto 6 Yes  –  You are a tourist tugging away from the rope of normalcy that is trying to detain you
Upto 8 Yes  –  You are a tourist who has broken free from the rope. In  other words you are on the border of souveniritis
All 10 Yes    –  You are a tourist with a case of extreme souveniritis-outta-balancia. Get well soon!


8 thoughts on “Are you a Souveniristic Tourist? Take the test to find out.

  1. I’m so happy to report that my wife and I are both fairly balanced, although we do wind up with a few postcards and pamphlettes. The post cards make it home crumpled because I was too lazy to send them, and the pamphletes because my wife scrapbooks.

    I do love that you mentioned the part about people bringing you spoons. I have six living turtles that live in a few parts of my house, and whenever a friend comes to visit, I make it very clear that these are my pets, and I do like them, but I don’t like turtle figurines. Please don’t ever get me a turtle figurine.

  2. Kavi…After visiting your room I know you are a hopeless case of extreme souveniritis outta balancia….Good luck to you

    BTW meself is 3 clocking

    • You have hope my friend…you have hope. Just keep it at that level (5) & make sure you don’t yield to the tug of that rope & you can be a happy tourist all yer life 🙂

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