Photos of the world-famous monument of pre-historic times – Stonehenge, UK. Historians estimate the origins of this mysterious setting of stones to 3000 BC…


5 thoughts on “Stonehenge

  1. I’m in total agreement to those Historians you’ve pinned as far as the time frame, though, lately I’ve heard some TV Documentary filmers, claim “MUCH, MUCH ” older…Of course, you can watch the Discovery, and History channels one day and see a “Pro” documentary, and a ‘”Con”‘ the following day…Who knows…but God of course…But, I so love these photos you’ve taken…they are as close to actually being there as I have ever come…wow…I love it…
    I love researching history… and your images with the “no pedestrian” signs, and the people standing near are a first for me…Awesome…the people standing near it shows a great contrast and comparison of the size of the enigmatic structure…Awesome…

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