Straight Talk

There is something wonderfully innocent about villagers in India.

They lack the layers of pretension which has become a sort of natural clothing to many of their urban brethren. Having said that I’m an exception of course. Maybe that’s because I’m a villager at heart. Okay poor joke.

A villagers curiosity about who you are, where you’re from is unabashed & direct. Credential checking.

It’s amazing how interested they are in knowing key details…which their urban counterparts would generally refrain from asking due to being diplomatic, politically correct etcetera (not that urban folks are any less curious).

Questions you can expect when you visit a village in Kerala –

Who are you? Which house are you from? Who are your parents?

Notice there are no extra words to soften it with tact. And this is only the beginning.

In Kerala, for example a lot of importance is placed on the ancestral house name. We generally thrive off the illustriousness of our forefathers & the reputation they left us.

Talking to village folks with their candid style makes you realise that simple is good.


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