M-L-M be gone!

It’s called Multi Level Marketing. And quite rightly so.

What it means is that the sales person will attack you from multiple levels & get yer money off you. Use their relationship with you is the name of the game. And get the richer for it.

Ms.MLMs are all over the place. Some are Misters too. Though I have not yet encountered them. They will leave no soap unturned to get your attention, or air tight lunch box for that matter.

I try to avoid them as much as possible. I’m quite tired of having to part with money for things I don’t really need.

Why is it so difficult to just say no?

Organic shampoos which will make sure that hair which plans to resign from your scalp will reconsider the decision & stay. Not just stay…but grow into Rapunzel-like locks.

The pack of 12 herbal soaps…available for a grand discount of 5% only until tomorrow.

Herbal supplements which will make sure you lose weight or will send your  cholesterol to Mars.

The mineralized moisturizer which will make you glow from head to toe. The fact I may need it is another matter altogether.

Relationship selling. I like to call it the bane of obligatory buying.

Get thee behind me, MLM.

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