Neck pain, Adios!

A solution for your neck pain finally. No need to spend on doctors, medicines or any form of therapy any more. Stiff neck, frozen jugular, cold neck…may all be shown the door with this, a permanent cure.

The answer is simple. Get a cat. Yes, you read right.

A cats ability to hide in heights & keep the owners guessing on its cattish whereabouts is a sure shot  remedy for all your neck woes. Searching for it everyday ensures you get a complete neck work out.

Just follow these simple steps, replace Mia with your cat’s name –

1. Look right up in the direction of the suspected heights where it might be hiding, call Mia

2. Now crane neck to the left, call Mia

3. Then turn to the right, call Mia

4. Arch neck right back & try to look at the building behind, call Mia

5. Think you heard a miaow  from the left or right? Rapidly turn head from left to right…call Mia, till you figure it out.

The amount of time spent looking UP  to search for your cat & coaxing it to come DOWN will make you suddenly realise that the damn neck pain has GONE!

Try it. 

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