Good News

So there was this wedding in our family a few months ago.

Yesterday morning the telephone rang.

Mum picked up the phone & was having a rather cheerful conversation with the caller.

By the responses, I figured it was my cousin – the mother of the bride from the wedding we had attended.

What else can one do but hear a conversation when one is in the vicinity of the telephone?

The chat progressed.

Then Mum started saying “Very good, very good. That’s really great. So fast no? Very good. Really fast.”

My Indian mind works fast & knows how to interpret all these clues in a jiffy.

I gathered that what else could it be but the  ‘good news’  that my cousin’s daughter was in the family way?

Then I heard Mum ask her if Mrs.S, a relative had helped make it happen so fast. Huh?

Mrs.S works for a telephone company.

What a pure waste of all my suspicion.

It was just a new landline connection my cousin had been allocated. She had called to give Mum her  telephone number.

Sorry wrong number. Damn!


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