Why smile?

Gypsy, was a Cocker Spaniel who owned us some years ago.

A wonderfully spirited dog, she had a beautiful coat of black, curly hair.

The stress is on the black, curly hair.  The true reflection of a Malayalee pet.

I would often give her a bath after massaging her coat with oil.

Yes. Coconut oil.

The soul of a Malayalee shines because it has been dipped in this most  precious of oils. 

*  *  *  *  *

I had once taken Gypsy to the Vet for her regular check up.

There I saw an oldish lady with her dog. What else can one expect to see at the Vet’s.

This woman apparently belonged to the school of thought which advocated,  “Thou shalt never smile”.

Too bad.

Strange but true, the Dachshund on her lap with its little jacket had the same pinched look as her.

I figured like owner, like dog.

*  *  *  *  *

The lady bleakly stared at my dog.

Then she asked me a question about Gypsy’s hair, without a trace of expression on her face.

In the dullest of tones she asked – “Why is its hair so curly?”

I must have replied that it had been permed.

She continued to stare at my dog.

Apparently my witty reply was utterly un-smile-worthy. 

Not even half-smile-worthy.

I laughed a mirthless laugh & mumbled something.

My response, naturally so.

I had failed to evoke her spirit.

Let sleeping dogs lie…and their owners too.

*  *  *  *  *

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