Meeting Mrs.D

At the Goa airport a few years ago, I met Mrs.D  from my old neighbourhood.

This was a chance meeting after several years.

On seeing her, I broke into a deft sprint.

Excited I was, seeing someone I once knew so well. Or so I thought.

Humble pie around the corner. She did not even remember me. Drat!

She stared at me.

I uhhmmd & aaahhd to handle the embarassment.

She struggled to remember who the heck I was. Enthu bunny in her path.

Last resort. I fell to name-dropping.

“Do you remember my father? My brother? I am…”

“Ahhhh yes, yes…I remember them…n-o-w-w-w…I remember y-o-u-u-u.”

What a relief, she had finally remembered.

Then the mother of all questions from her to me, “Are you settled?”

I replied – “Yes, I am settled…just not married !”

Sweet revenge.

Her face expressed shock at this most unexpected & abnormal reply.

I go away happy.

That settled everything for me.


*  *  *  *  *

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