Cat-ch em young!


What I am learning about cats…

~ Cats can stoop to love some people, sometimes

~ Cats lurvvve to sleep…it’s the main reason they appear rested & fresh. Now I know why ‘cool cat’ was coined by some observant soul

~ Let sleeping cats lie…if you wake them, be prepared to earn their displeasure – pay for it or play with it is a motto of sorts

~ Cats are wild creatures, it is hard to domesti-cat-e them

~ You can earn a cats favour by providing food on time, a warm bed & being available on call

~ You can earn even more favour by tickling them behind the ears

~ Cat-proof yourself when playing, as the claws can really get to you

~ Cats love to pounce & love their toys –  toys aid to distract them away from your person, which is often mistaken for a big toy, especially the extremities!

~ Cats can take care of themselves, thank you! Go have a bath yourself if you need one, but don’t attempt it on a cat

~ Cats can tolerate being cuddled. More importantly, they need your lap if no alternate seating arrangement exists or has been provided for

~ Cats need nine lives, because curiosity apparently killed several of their ancestors in times past & one life was insufficient to get them by

~ Cats are fun to be with if you figure them out & survive

~ People are fun to be with if cats figure you out & survive 🙂


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