There is an irritating aspect of air travel on Economy class. It is the narrow constricted place you have to fit yourself into. It is also called a seat.

While it’s absolutely fine on a Domestic flight which is generally of a shorter duration (when it eventually takes off that is, subject to no pilot strike etc),  it can be rather taxing on an International flight – especially if you’re all hunched up & have to put up with a fellow passenger who is in a state of partial inebriation.

So, I hope the reader has been able to derive thus far that I have stealthily used this space to convey –
a. I went on aeroplane
b. I went to faarin (okkk – foreign land)

Now coming back to the incident on this flight.

It was a case of me landing a centre seat with a decent lady to my right & on my left was a passenger who appeared to be getting systematically sozzled.

Now you understand why I was grumbling about the shortage of space.

I try to pull away as far as possible to the right, almost landing on the kind lady’s shoulder.

She looked at me with concern, asked if all was OK & also shot a glare in the direction of the fellow in question.

Yes, all is OK I reply.

No intentions to tell a stranger, however nice she was, my mid-air woes.

I remove my Bible & start reading it in the dim light of the aircraft to avoid a nap, for obvious reasons.

The fellow on the left is slowly discovering that I have no intention of responding to any conversation whatsoever.
One last attempt, seeing my open Bible he asks, in a deep South Indian accent, “Excuse me, what is PAWM 23?” (to rhyme with Pom,Tom)

I suppress the urge to laugh.

I reply with a straight face , in as abbreviated a manner as possible to this holy question on the  23rd Psalm.

After that its peace.

No more attempts to converse with me.

A red-eyed glare when we reach the destination, as if to say, the lady would not talk.

Damn right he was !

The Lord is my Shepherd..indeed He is ! 🙂



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